Oct 26 2008

WordPress Links in a Page

Category: SoftwareTeknovis @ 18:50

My blog has been online for one week now, and I am still making small changes to its design. Today I added my links page. Although it is rather sparse at the moment, I want to ensure that all of the links within it are links that I really read!

The process of adding this links page turned out to be far more complicated than I was expecting! I also learned a lot about how WordPress works along the way!

I initially decided that I wanted to keep all my links in a single dedicated page, rather than having them on every page. The simple solution would have been to hardcode this page, and maintain it manually.

However, WordPress has a built-in feature for managing links, so I thought that it would make more sense to use that.

I started by looking at Powerblogroll, because I thought that this would enable me to paste a line of code into my page, and everything else would work smoothly. It does not :(

So I discovered that I needed to create a links template, and then use this to create my links page. I think that the online WordPress documentation is very good, and I discovered that the wp_list_bookmarks() function was the one that I needed. The documentation describes its usage. Lastly, I updated my theme to style the new code.

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