Mar 26 2009

Irish Government Censorship – The Other Painting

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Yesterday’s story about the Government’s attempts to censor the paintings of the Irish Prime Minister posing naked continued to gain momentum today. This is thanks to the Irish media that is not state owned, the Irish Internet community, and the international media.

I am including the other painting here for the sake of completeness :)

Painting of Brian Cowen on Toilet (From The Irish Times)

Painting of Brian Cowen on Toilet (From The Irish Times)

According to Gardai question artist under caution, the charges being considered against the artist are:

The detective said the artist was being investigated in connection with three charges: incitement to hatred, indecency, and criminal damage for hammering a nail into a wall of the National Gallery.

Yes, really!

For more about the effect of this on the Irish Prime Minister see Cowen not consulted before complaint to RTE and No losing sight of the big picture as Portraitgate rumbles on.

It is also interesting to note that the opposition political parties tried to raise the issue in the parliament today, but the Government prevented this successfully. For more information about this see Opposition slams Govt over portrait pressure.

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