Mar 30 2009

A Confusing Time

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I attend several global conference calls each week. The conference call service provider has an automated system that sends out notifications and reminders. Usually these messages contain the time of the conference call expressed in several different time zones.

The US switched to daylight saving time a few weeks ago, whereas Europe only switched to daylight saving time during the weekend. Unfortunately, the conference call service provider’s system does not realise that this period exists. Therefore, the conference call details have been really confusing for the last weeks, because it was never clear which time and time zone were correct!

I find it a bit surprising that the service provider’s system cannot handle this situation correctly. In Europe we always change our clocks at the same time every year. Perhaps this is not true in the US.

Anyway, thankfully the relative differences between time zones are all correct again!

In order to track time clearly, I decided to put a 24 hour clock showing Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on this blog. The clock is courtesy of ClockLink, but I had to modify the suggested code to create valid XHTML. I have also decided not to change the time on my blog from GMT.

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