Mar 31 2009

IQ Prize

Category: EntrepreneurshipTeknovis @ 21:41

I learned about a business competition on the main national television news last night for Irish Internet based ideas. The prize fund of 10,000€ is being sponsored by an Irish company called iQContent, and entrants must submit a brief business plan. iQContent will not have any further involvement with the winners once the competition is over.

For more details about this competition see iQPrize or The iQ Prize: 10,000 euro for the best business plan.

This could be an ideal opportunity for somebody who has an idea, and I think that it is great to see this type of encouragement.

Actually, the more I think about this competition, the more I realise that it is very beneficial to iQContent also. The company got terrific free public exposure on prime-time television last night. Additionally, the company will get to see many other unsuccessful ideas as part of the competition. I am not suggesting that iQContent will steal any of them, but it might provide it with some useful inspiration :o