Jun 08 2009

Acquiring Disused Twitter Accounts

Category: InternetTeknovis @ 21:18

I have another web site that is unrelated to this one. I have had it for approximately a year. However, I now need to use Twitter in conjunction with this web site.

Unfortunately, the Twitter account name that matches my domain name has already been registered :( However, it was registered almost 2 years ago, contains 1 post, is not following anybody, and has no followers. So it is as inactive or as disused as possible!

I tried searching the Internet for advice from people who were in similar situations. I did not find a lot of information, and the best article I found was How to Secure an Unused Twitter Account. I was initially very optimistic when I read that Twitter releases unused accounts if requested. However, Twitter no longer provides this service according to Help Resources/Terms of Service and Rules policies/Name Squatting :( Twitter might release inactive accounts, although its policy is contradictory:

Accounts that are inactive for more than 6 months may be removed without further notice. Twitter is not currently releasing inactive/squatter accounts unless in cases of infringement.

I have followed the advice given in the first article, and I will update this blog with my progress!