Aug 04 2009

Technology in Irish Courts

Category: eGovernmentTeknovis @ 21:15

I have been very busy recently, so I did not have enough time to blog regularly :( One of the reasons I was busy was that I had to appear in court :o (Luckily I was a witness, and not a defendant! Ultimately, I did not have to testify, because the defendant pleaded guilty :o)

I found the whole experience fascinating on many levels, and not something that I would like to experience regularly!

I was also struck by the complete lack of technology! This manifested itself in two ways:

  • Every solicitor carried between 2cm and 20cm of stacked A4 pages!
  • The majority of the questions that the judge asked were very simple, and if he had access to electronic versions of the solicitors’ documents he would not have needed to ask! This would have saved everybody a lot of time!

I wonder will this be any different in 100 years!