Sep 20 2009

Conferences in Dublin

Category: BusinessTeknovis @ 13:05

There were two interesting conferences on in Dublin this week.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to attend either conference :( (Even if I did have time, I would not have been invited to one of them :D )

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Sep 09 2009

Mobile Web Page Validation

Category: Mobile ComputingTeknovis @ 17:46

I had to validate some web pages today that are optimised for mobile devices. I found very useful!

The web pages that I checked got a score of 5. I do not know what the maximum score is though!


Sep 07 2009

DCU Outsources Email

Category: Third LevelTeknovis @ 21:18

I learned today that DCU is to outsource all of its email to Google. I estimate that DCU must have tens of thousands of email accounts. So I would have thought that it would be more cost effective to provide this service in-house.

For more detail about this see Information Systems and Services.

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Sep 04 2009

Super-Safe Web Browsing

Category: Internet,SecurityTeknovis @ 12:35

A friend recently sent me this interesting article – Super-safe Web browsing.

Sep 02 2009

HTC Hero

Category: AndroidTeknovis @ 17:25

I read about the latest PDA from HTC today – my favourite PDA manufacturer :o Its latest offering is the HTC Hero. Probably the best review that I read was HTC Hero review.

HTC Hero

HTC Hero

This PDA appears to be very nice, although its “chin” (the bent piece at the bottom) seems strange!

I have not actually handled an Android based PDA yet, so I am not sure that I would be happy to move away from Windows Mobile!