Apr 24 2010

Argleton in Google Maps

Category: Location Based ServicesTeknovis @ 09:14

Sometimes Google Maps gets it incorrect… The Mysterious Google Town of Argleton, Lancashire, England.

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Apr 21 2010


Category: RoboticsTeknovis @ 19:05

I think that U3-X is a nicely cryptic post heading, and at the same time it conveys a very futuristic image :D

So what is it? Well, it is a really funky unicycle being developed by Honda. I read about it today in Riding Honda’s U3-X Unicycle of the Future. The video is really worth watching also!

To think that I thought office chairs with coasters were fun!

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Apr 18 2010

Dollar Annoyances

Category: MoneyTeknovis @ 09:58

Money is something that has fascinated me for the last few years. I do not mean that I am obsessed about obtaining it :) Instead, I am interested in the design, production, and usage of the actual notes and coins! There is a lot of technology involved in all of this!

I was in the US recently. I think that it is a great country (with a few negative aspects), but the Dollar drives me crazy!

My main annoyances are:

  • The coins do not have their values printed on them!
  • The notes are all the same size and colour!
  • The prices displayed in shops never include the taxes! This makes it really difficult not to accumulate lots of small change!

These things probably annoy me so much because I am used to using the Euro, which is very new and it was designed with usability in mind. For example, all of the Euro coins have different engravings on their sides so that they can be easily identified by visually impaired people.

Apr 11 2010

Tweets in Google Search Results

Category: InternetTeknovis @ 19:05

Over the weekend I did a search using Google for something that was on television at that time. I was very surprised to see Google listing current Twitter postings near the top of the search results!

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Apr 08 2010


Category: eShopping,ReviewsTeknovis @ 19:06

I have fallen in love with a new eCommerce company! It is called Moo, and it prints all types of business cards!

I received my MiniCards in the post today, and I am really impressed! They are so nice that I do not want to give them away!

Like many Web 2.0 companies, Moo makes great usage of its blog and other popular social networking sites.


Apr 06 2010


Category: Software DevelopmentTeknovis @ 18:23

Somebody passed a comment today on a piece of CamelCase in some code that we were looking at today.

I never heard of that name before, even though I use CamelCase a lot!

Apr 03 2010

Even More ICT Jobs for Ireland

Category: BusinessTeknovis @ 19:05

More good news in the Irish employment market – Citrix is expanding its Irish operations.

See Up to 30 new jobs for Citrix in Dublin for more details.

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