Feb 13 2011

Mobile World Congress

Category: Mobile Computing,TelecomsTeknovis @ 19:12

I am becoming very disheartened with the Mobile World Congress :( I am looking at the website, and I am finding it very difficult to achieve the following:

  • I cannot find a printable map of the exhibition space showing the exhibitors names.
  • I cannot group exhibitors by business area.

I hope that information is more available tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Mobile World Congress”

  1. Eimhin says:

    Nokia! Mwuhahaha! ;-)

  2. Teknovis says:

    Yeah – I was very surprised with that! I cannot see how it will help either party gain a foothold in a market that long ago passed them both!

    I played with the latest version of Windows Mobile. I was pretty unimpressed – no Javascript, no Flash (ok – that is asking a lot), and no support for Skype (perhaps not Microsoft’s fault).