Mar 27 2012

UK Stupidity – Student Jailed Over Tweets

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Liam Stacey, a 21 year old student, has been jailed for comments he made on Twitter, according to Student jailed over Muamba comments.

I have not seen the exact comments that Liam made, so I cannot comment on whither or not they were racist. However, regardless of their content, I firmly believe that Liam has the right to say whatever he wants (online or otherwise).

It is also a sad day for the UK! I am amazed that its judicial system has been reduced to this level of stupidity by policing teenagers’ comments on social networks.

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One Response to “UK Stupidity – Student Jailed Over Tweets”

  1. K.Summers@Design says:

    Awful story. I am a big opponent of racism, so I think that he deserved this punishment.