Oct 27 2012

Google Data Centres

Category: Cloud Computing,Hardware,NetworksTeknovis @ 07:20

This is really impressive visual insight into Google‘s data centres – Google Data Centres.


Oct 23 2012

The Illustrated Guide to a Ph.D.

Category: Fourth LevelTeknovis @ 12:22

This is brilliant – it is so simple, and yet so true!

The Illustrated Guide to a Ph.D.

There are some other very good articles on that site also.

Oct 19 2012

Happy Birthday

Category: InternetTeknovis @ 21:17

Happy birthday Teknovis!

It has been a great four years of regurgitating other people’s news :)

Oct 11 2012

The Scale of the Universe

Category: InfographicTeknovis @ 17:17

I came across this brilliant interactive demo that puts the size of everything into perspective – The Scale of the Universe!

The Scale of the Universe (Copyright Cary and Michael Huang)

The Scale of the Universe (Copyright Cary and Michael Huang)

Enjoy feeling big (and small) :D

Oct 08 2012

Google Granted Identity Management Patent

Category: PatentsTeknovis @ 20:06

I read an interesting article over the weekend describing how Google was granted a patent for identity management.

The article is Google Granted Pseudonym Patent (You’re Welcome. And, What Is Wrong With You), and the patent is US 8,271,894 – Social computing personas for protecting identity in online social interactions.

I am sure that there is novelty destroying prior art that has been previously published!


Oct 05 2012

Live Flight tracking

Category: AviationTeknovis @ 16:19

I am amusing myself for the last few minutes of the day looking at Plane Finder!

It is very impressive, although I do not know how accurate it is.