Jun 19 2013

EU Single Telecoms Market

Category: eGovernment,TelecomsTeknovis @ 20:37

The EU Commissioner for Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes, gave a very interesting speech recently covering her vision of a single telecoms market in the EU. Some of her key points include:

… we need a different and very political discussion about delivering a telecoms single market.

I want you to be able to go back to your constituents and say that you were able to end mobile roaming costs.

It is my belief that we can deliver such a package – this full, final, package – around Easter 2014. Imagine that.

So, if you believe in the single market; if you believe in a strong Europe that makes a practical difference to each citizen’s life – then Believe. In. This.

The full text is available in Speech: The politics of the completing the telecoms single market, and you can watch it being delivered in I will fight with my last breath”: why we need a telecoms single market.

I have believed in a single telecoms market within the EU for a long time Ms. Kroes! Indeed, I do not know why it did not happen a long time ago! It seems ridiculous to me that I am charged different amounts for the same service depending on where I am located within a single market!