Oct 19 2008


Teknovis @ 18:00


Welcome to my small part of the Internet! If you are reading this page then you probably want to know more about me!

I am a professional living and working in Ireland. I work in the Information Communication Technology sector. In particular, I am a Software Engineer, and I have focused on the telecommunications sector.

Since my childhood I have been a meticulous diary writer, and I first published an online log in 1998. This log related to a technical project that I was working on at that time. I have maintained several different online logs relating to specific projects since then, and I have got some very interesting feedback from viewers. Indeed, I also received several job offers! I decided to create this blog so that I can share my thoughts with a wider audience, and I am hoping that I will get provoking responses!

The main topics of this blog will be almost anything and everything from the Information Communication Technology sector. I will not try to list these topics here! However, I will not write about anything directly related to my employer or my work! I will mostly be writing about these topics from an EU perspective, and I will write in English.

I have spent a lot of time in third and fourth level education, and I am still involved in these areas. Therefore, I might occasionally write about these also.

I also have a micro-blog that can be read at https://mastodon.ie/@Teknovis (previously https://twitter.com/Teknovis ).

Please feel free to contact me via email using web HYPHEN contact AT teknovis DOT eu (replace uppercase letters with the appropriate punctuation marks and remove the spaces).

I will keep this page updated as the scope of this blog changes! In the mean time, enjoy the read!