May 08 2014

Seagull Robot

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It is an old(ish) video, but it is still really impressive!

I can imagine some of the covert military operations that such a robot could be used for in the future!

Jul 18 2012

Robotic Walking

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There is an interesting story (and demonstrative video) of a new approach to robotic walking in ‘Most realistic’ robot legs developed.

Now I am off to find a baby and a treadmill…

Jul 10 2012

Wind Turbine Climbing Robot

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The clever people in General Electric have built a robot that climbs and inspects wind turbines! The full details are in Go Go Gadget: Robotic Crawler Rides Up 300-Foot Poles to Inspect Wind Turbine Blades, and I will include a photo here rather than trying to explain it!

Wind Turbine Climbing Robot (Copyright General Electric)

Wind Turbine Climbing Robot (Copyright General Electric)

It looks really cool, and I am very impressed with its suction capabilities!

There are many other interesting stories reported in GE Reports.


Oct 27 2011

The Alpha Dog

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Boston Dynamics have a new robot – the Alpha Dog!

I previously wrote about its robotic endeavours in Boston Dynamics PETMAN.


Apr 21 2010


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I think that U3-X is a nicely cryptic post heading, and at the same time it conveys a very futuristic image :D

So what is it? Well, it is a really funky unicycle being developed by Honda. I read about it today in Riding Honda’s U3-X Unicycle of the Future. The video is really worth watching also!

To think that I thought office chairs with coasters were fun!

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Nov 03 2009

Boston Dynamics PETMAN

Category: RoboticsTeknovis @ 22:26

Boston Dynamics have developed a really impressive two-legged robot called PETMAN! To read more about it take a look at First Video of Boston Dynamics PETMAN Biped.

To see a video of it “walking” see PETMAN Prototype. To see a video of one of the previous robots, known as Big Dog, see BigDog Reflexes. Both videos are best watched in high quality!