Sep 07 2013

Raise Your IQ

Category: EducationTeknovis @ 14:13

I heard about Raise Your IQ a few months ago, but I never got around to blogging about it. I must admit that I know very little about it, and I would normally be quick to dismiss such a concept. However, what caught my attention was the number of well known entities that are behind this, including NUI Maynooth and Enterprise Ireland.

I hope to give it a try coming into the winter months. I will be sure to write about my experiences here :)

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Jan 30 2012

Software for Smart Energy Meters Event

Category: Energy,EventsTeknovis @ 08:50

Enterprise Ireland are hosting an event this week relating to software for smart energy meters. Full details are available in New Niche – Software Apps for Smart Energy Meters (EI Event).


Aug 09 2011

It’s Happening Here

Category: BusinessTeknovis @ 13:07

Here is a video produced by Enterprise Ireland in order to promote careers in the software sector in Ireland.

It is a good video, but I think that the second level and third level educations systems really need to be improved! The quality of students that it is producing really is deteriorating!

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Apr 18 2011

Enterprise Ireland LBS Event

Category: Location Based ServicesTeknovis @ 18:40

Interesting upcoming Enterprise Ireland event: Emerging Technologies and Business Opportunities in the Location Services Market.

Hopefully, I will have the time to attend!


Nov 13 2010

How Enterprise Ireland Spends the Taxpayers’ Money

Category: eGovernment,EntrepreneurshipTeknovis @ 10:23

Interesting reading reading about the spending habits of Enterprise Ireland, but I am not sure how expected this is – Enterprise Ireland spent most of funding on itself.


Jun 15 2009

Science Foundation Ireland Research Commercialisation

Category: Fourth LevelTeknovis @ 12:49

Science Foundation Ireland has announced the creation of a new fund to commercialise existing research that it is funding. The fund is called the Technology and Innovation Development Award (TIDA), and you can read more about it in Technology and Innovation Development Award (TIDA).

The maximum grant size is 100,000€ over 12 months. I think that is a really significant amount, and it should be enough to determine if existing research has commercial potential.

I am actually surprised that Science Foundation Ireland is doing this, because I thought that commercialisation was under the remit of Enterprise Ireland.

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Feb 09 2009

Irish Companies involved in the GSM Association

Category: Standards,TelecomsTeknovis @ 18:26

I am going to continue my series on Irish companies (and organisations) that are involved in standards organisations, and today I am going to focus on the GSM Association. This is appropriate timing for doing this, because the GSMA Mobile World Congress is happening soon in Barcelona. I have never attended this, but I would like to ;)

The GSM Association has several types of membership, and these are described in Types of Membership. I am going to focus on the Associate Membership type, and the members with this type of membership are listed in Associate Members.

The Irish companies that are currently members are:

The non-Irish companies that have technical operations in Ireland that are currently members are:

As always, it is sometimes difficult to tell what sort of a presence some of these companies have in Ireland.

There are also a number of Irish companies that are working in the same area as the GSM Association, but these companies are not listed as members. Enterprise Ireland supports these companies, and it rents a large stand at the GSMA Mobile World Congress which these companies can use. More details about this can be read on the 3GSM Ireland web site. The Irish companies that Enterprise Ireland is, or was, supporting that are not listed as members are:

I am really surprised, and impressed, with the number of companies in these lists!

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Jan 12 2009

Attracting Investment in 2009

Category: EntrepreneurshipTeknovis @ 22:39

Enterprise Ireland wrote an article that will be of interest to anybody who is seeking early stage investment in 2009. The full article is Angles Investors to the Rescue in 2009?


Jan 08 2009

Irish Companies involved in W3C

Category: Internet,StandardsTeknovis @ 23:14

I am a big supporter of standards for technology, and I was reading some specifications from one of the many standards organisations today. I suspect, perhaps incorrectly, that there are many Irish companies involved in international standards organisations. I know that standards participation by Irish companies is something that Enterprise Ireland encourages.

Therefore, I decided to write a series of articles listing the Irish companies that are involved in international standards organisations that relate to information communication technologies. I will also include non-Irish companies that have technical operations in Ireland. (It would be nice if I could replicate this for the entire EU, but I do not have the time for that at the moment.)

I am going to start this series by looking at the W3C, because it is probably the prominent standards organisation in relation to the Internet. I am basing these lists on the online membership list.

The Irish companies that are currently members are:

The non-Irish companies that have technical operations in Ireland that are currently members are:

The Irish companies that appear to be members based on their own web pages even though they are not listed by the W3C:

That took me longer than I expected!

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Nov 13 2008

Irish Web 2.0 Companies

Category: EntrepreneurshipTeknovis @ 09:32

Enterprise Ireland have listed some of the Irish Web 2.0 companies that are currently making headlines in Web 2.0 in Ireland. It is good to see this support!

I think that there are some very innovative Web 2.0 companies. However, I often feel that their innovation is based on an easily replicable novelty rather than on a solid technological differentiator which is difficult to replicate.

I think that one of the amazing things about Web 2.0 is that it can be used to describe any technology,  depending on the mood of the person using the phrase. I really love the way Web 2.0 is often used as a synonym for “cash cow” in business models. In fact, I see this happening a lot!

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