Jan 06 2009

EU Digital Library Online Again

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The EU has launched its new digital library Europeana – again! I previously wrote about this in Too Much Interest in new EU Digital Library, because the demand was so great the first time that the website was launched that it had to be taken offline.

Hopefully this time the website will be able to cope with the traffic!

More details about this relaunch can be read in EU’s new online library reopens.

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Nov 24 2008

Too Much Interest in new EU Digital Library

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The EU launched a new digital library called Europeana last Thursday. The purpose of this digital library is to contain documents that are of cultural significance to the citizens of the EU. Initially, the digital library contains over 2 million items, but this is expected to grow rapidly.

The website was designed to handle initial traffic of 5 million visitors per hour. However, after its launch the website was receiving over 10 million visitors per hour! This naturally had serious consequences on the performance of the website, and several hours later the number of visitors had not subsided. Therefore, the website has gone offline until it can cope with this larger number of visitors.

I am sure that the website creators are delighted with the level of interest in their website, but I wonder how they got their estimates so wrong. Perhaps there is no way to reliably estimate how many visitors a new website will receive. I also wonder what steps they could have taken to dynamically cope with such large numbers of visitors.

More details about this story can be read in New EU online library crashes under weight of interest.

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