Jan 01 2013

HTML5 Presentation

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Happy New Year! I hope that it will be a good one for you!

Here is an impressive HTML5 Presentation. I actually came across it a few weeks ago, but I somehow forgot about posting it here :o


Sep 22 2011

Cool HTML5 Sites

Category: InternetTeknovis @ 19:31

I recently came across this list of cool HTML5 sites: 10 inspiring HTML5 sites you really should see.

I am particularly impressed with the SVG cartoons in Bifter (Desert Island Disks is even humorous :). I notice that they were created using Inkscape. I really must give it a try, because I have heard good reports about it!

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Sep 01 2011

Web App Architecture

Category: Mobile Computing,Software DevelopmentTeknovis @ 07:38

I came across this very useful high-level introduction to web apps during the week – Anatomy of a HTML5 Mobile App.

This is definitely an area that is becoming very relevant to me!

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Aug 20 2011

Two New High-Profile Web Apps

Category: Business,Internet,iPad,iPhoneTeknovis @ 08:39

This week I came across two more high-profile companies moving from apps to web app (HTML5) to avoid the Apple tax.

The other advantages that these developers will experience is that they no longer need to get approval from Apple (which can make planning and time lines difficult), and their apps are now cross-platform!

I previous wrote about this subject in Financial Times on an iDevice.

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Jun 12 2011

Financial Times on an iDevice

Category: Internet,iPad,iPhoneTeknovis @ 19:00

When Apple recently announced that it was going to start taking a share of revenue on purchases made within applications on iDevices (yes – I made that name up) I thought that this would accelerate the move to HTML5 web apps.

The first significant player (at least that I am aware of) made the leap this week! The Financial Times! For more details read FT Bypasses Apple’s iTunes, Launches HTML5 Web App (Free Access First Week), and to download the app go to The new FT app for iPad and iPhone.

I really wonder if Apple has got the strategy wrong with this!

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May 13 2011

HTML5 and Web Applications

Category: Mobile ComputingTeknovis @ 17:08

I attended an event this week that was aimed at developers of services for consumption on mobile devices. The majority present were developing these as platform specific mobile applications.

However, many present expressed concerns with pursuing this route. In particular, the following concerns were expressed:

  • It is becoming increasingly difficult, and costly, to maintain separate development teams to target the specific platforms.
  • The value of being present in the application stores is decreasing as they become more cluttered.
  • There is frustration with the limited hardware access that some device manufacturers allow.

It was also interesting to hear that there were very encouraging sentiments towards developing web applications. After reading HTML5 Is An Oncoming Train, But Native App Development Is An Oncoming Rocket Ship recently, I was surprised by this! Personally, I think that it is the way forward!


Jul 10 2009

The End of XHTML 2

Category: Internet,StandardsTeknovis @ 18:18

I read today that the W3C will stop developing XHTML 2 later this year, and it will focus on HTML 5.

I have not had direct experience with either of these standards. However, I have been using XHTML 1.0 and XHTML 1.1 for a long time for my personal web pages (including these web pages).

The full article is An epitaph for the Web standard, XHTML 2, and the official W3C announcement is XHTML 2 Working Group Expected to Stop Work End of 2009, W3C to Increase Resources on HTML 5.

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Mar 09 2009

Online Photo Editor

Category: Digital Imaging,Internet,SoftwareTeknovis @ 23:34

I came across a really nice online photo editor today called Pixenate that is developed by a company called Sxoop Technologies. Perhaps the thing that I find most impressive about it is that it is written entirely in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The user interface is really smooth, and it is very easy to use due to the helpful tips. There are plenty of editing tools to satisfy most requirements, although some of them seemed to be slow to update the photo. I do not know what caused this, because my CPU was certainly not the bottleneck.  I also really like the way that each time you load the web page there is a new default image to experiment with!

The interface is so nice that I had to include a screenshot (click it to see a larger version). However, this is not a substitute for playing with it ;)

Pixenate Screenshot

Pixenate Screenshot

I am not really clear who are the intended users of the software, because I think that most serious photographers will use desktop applications to edit their digital photos. Perhaps the software would be a good addition to photo printing web sites such as PhotoBox.

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Oct 23 2008

YouTube in WordPress

Category: SoftwareTeknovis @ 23:03

I have just included a YouTube video in my previous post. I really thought that this would have been a simple task in WordPress, but I was quite disappointed!

The first hurdle was actually figuring out how to paste the HTML code that YouTube supply. This was not too difficult – I just had to switch to the HTML view in WordPress.

The second hurdle appeared when I tried to validate my post. I had not realised it, but the <embed> tag is not supported in XHTML! So I modified the YouTube code as described here.

I really do not understand why YouTube are using this deprecated tag!

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