Aug 25 2009

Java Service Wrapper

Category: Software DevelopmentTeknovis @ 14:10

I used this Java Service Wrapper this morning to load a Java Application (in the form of a JAR) as a Windows XP service!

The process was very straightforward, and it worked perfectly first time!

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Aug 20 2009

Quartz Exceptions

Category: Software DevelopmentTeknovis @ 20:44

I have been doing some work with Quartz this week to develop an application that needs to schedule tasks. Quartz provides a very nice way of doing this that is independent of the operating system.

Unfortunately, I had some difficulty getting the example applications to run because I kept getting some general exceptions (that I cannot remember now).

The problem was that I had not included either commons-collections-3.2.jar or commons-logging-1.1.jar in my classpath!

It took me quite a while to discover that :(

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Apr 22 2009

Ubuntu or Kubuntu

Category: LinuxTeknovis @ 21:08

The latest versions of Ubuntu and Kubuntu will be released tomorrow. These will be version 9.04, and they are known as Jaunty Jackalope.

I have never used Linux as my main desktop operating system before, but I have had limited experience of using it on servers. My main reason for wanting to try it is that I am getting tired of all the bugs, security weaknesses, and limited functionality of Windows. My reasons for choosing Ubuntu or Kubuntu are that they both come ready for use, and I know that they are configured securely! So I think that now is a great time to try them!

My initial plan is to install both operating systems on my computer using VMware. I will then start using them as my main operating systems until I can decide which I prefer. At that stage I might format my hard disk, and reinstall ;) The main applications that I will need are:

My understanding is that the main difference between Ubuntu and Kubuntu is the window managers that they use (GNOME versus KDE). However, reading the documentation they both seem to come with different application sets. This is confusing me slightly. I am also not clear why they both need to reinvent the browser!

Hopefully, all will become clear over the following weeks ;) I will keep writing about my progress here!

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Feb 24 2009

Humorous Java Exceptions

Category: Humour,Software DevelopmentTeknovis @ 20:46

A friend sent me a link to a list of humorous Explanations of common Java exceptions today. Enjoy!

Of course, you need to be familiar with Java to appreciate this humour ;)