Mar 06 2009

Juniper Cartoons

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Anybody who has ever watched a Juniper presentation, read some Juniper material, or indeed had almost any contact with Juniper will be familiar with its cartoons. Actually, if you are not familiar when these cartoons then take a look at the collection contained at Juniper Cartoons. I think that some of them are brilliant!

However, it seems that Juniper no longer believes that these cartoons are appropriate for its image according to Juniper Kills the Cartoons!. Perhaps this view is correct, because some of the cartoons are very unflattering towards Cisco. Event the cartoonist agrees that the cartoons should end, according to Juniper’s Cartoonist Isn’t Bitter.

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Mar 01 2009

IBM and Juniper Enter the Clouds

Category: Cloud ComputingTeknovis @ 13:10

It seems that it is impossible to read a technology news web site these days without reading at least one cloud computing article! I still remain sceptical that cloud computing will be the saviour that it is being hyped-up to be! However, I do think that it will have a number of business areas where it will succeed.

I read an interesting article earlier this month about a partnership between IBM and Juniper that is intended to bring them both into the cloud computing market. Strategically I think that this partnership makes sense, and both companies will bring significant expertise to it. So it will be interesting to see what they do next!

Perhaps the most interesting statement in the article was:

With cloud computing possibly representing a $42 billion market by 2012, …

I love these types of market value estimations, because they seem to be as accurate as lottery predictions!

The full article is IBM And Juniper Networks Hoping To Gain Cloud Computing Market Share.

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