Dec 19 2009

Gigapixel Photos

Category: Digital ImagingTeknovis @ 17:50

No – the term gigapixel is not a typing mistake!

I came across two interesting gigapixel photos this week:

Dec 15 2009

Updated Vodafone Ireland Website

Category: TelecomsTeknovis @ 18:07

Vodafone has updated its Irish website recently. The two changes that excite me the most are:

  • I can now send 600 free SMS messages every month! I send the majority of my SMS messages online!
  • I can now send SMS messages to mobile phones in other countries.

The timing of these changes is perfect for me to send all my Christmas greetings :)

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Dec 13 2009

Online Christmas Shopping 2009

Category: eShopping,HumourTeknovis @ 11:23

I have almost completed my Christmas shopping for 2009. I did all of this online for the second year in a row! (Last year’s shopping is described in Online Christmas Shopping 2008.)

I did not buy a single item in Ireland this year, and this was mainly due to the ridiculously high costs. I understand that part of this is due to the higher VAT on items in Ireland (see Online Shopping just got Cheaper), but I also think that retailers are still ripping-off consumers. Indeed, the most expensive single item I bought was a piece of Japanese electronics. The Irish price was over 50%  more expensive than the price I bought it for abroad!

While I am writing about shopping, I came across a very entertaining online shop – (You need sound, and a small amount of patience, for this :D )

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Dec 11 2009

Record Traffic For Irish Budget 2010 Announcement

Category: NetworksTeknovis @ 08:15

I noticed that INEX had record traffic levels last Wednesday afternoon of approximately 8.7Gbits/s according to the INEX traffic statistics.

I assume that this record was due to people watching the Irish Minister for Finance announce the annual budget for 2010 online thanks to RTE.

Hourly Graph (aggregate/bits) (Copyright INEX)

Hourly Graph (aggregate/bits) (Copyright INEX)

I described the previous INEX records in Record Traffic For Irish Budget 2009 Announcement and Record Traffic For Second Irish Budget 2009.

Yearly Graph (aggregate/bits) (Copyright INEX)

Yearly Graph (aggregate/bits) (Copyright INEX)

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Dec 09 2009

Google Auto-Complete

Category: HumourTeknovis @ 19:26

A blog all about humorous Google auto-completes: Autocomplete Me.

While I am on this topic, Let me google that for you is also very funny :D


Dec 07 2009

Infrared Photography

Category: HardwareTeknovis @ 19:07

I had a very interesting discussion with somebody recently about infrared photography. I never understood why there were two very different types of infrared photos. It transpires that this is due to the differences between near infrared and far infrared.  For more about this see About infrared photography. The Coke bottle image is very impressive!

I also thought that How to make a webcam work in infra red was very interesting, and I am tempted to try it! The photo of the 5€ note is very interesting!


Dec 05 2009

The Irish Times Mobile Edition

Category: Internet,Mobile ComputingTeknovis @ 16:56

The Irish Times has finally launched a mobile edition of its website! It is about time! Previously, I had to get all of my national news from RTE when I was using my PDA!

I read the news on it last night, and I thought that it rendered very well.

You can read more about it in ‘The Irish Times’ on your mobile, and you can view it here:

It is interesting, but not surprising, that The Irish Times chose not to use a .mobi domain.

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Dec 03 2009

Law of Demeter

Category: Software DevelopmentTeknovis @ 18:21

I heard about the Law of Demeter today! Actually, somebody told me about when he saw a piece of code that I had written!