Jan 19 2014

Smart Contact Lenses

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There was a lot of news coverage of Google‘s announcement regarding smart contact lenses last week! The original Google blog post is Introducing our smart contact lens project, and some of the many reporting articles are Google Unveils Smart Contact Lens That Lets Diabetics Measure Their Glucose Levels, Google unveils ‘smart contact lens’ to measure glucose levels, and Google developing smart contact lens.

It is exciting technology, and it really makes me wonder what else the future has in store for contact lenses! My personal choice – the ability to change the focal length dynamically in order to “zoom in” on objects of interest :)


Dec 27 2012

The Rise of Android

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I hope everybody is having a merry Christmas! I know I am :)

Anyway, here is a nice infographic by MBA Online charting the rise of Android (click image to see larger version):

Android (Copyright MBA Online)

Android (Copyright MBA Online)

I have heard it before, but it still fascinates me that Microsoft makes more money from Android than from Windows Mobile due to patent royalties!

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Oct 27 2012

Google Data Centres

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This is really impressive visual insight into Google‘s data centres – Google Data Centres.


Oct 08 2012

Google Granted Identity Management Patent

Category: PatentsTeknovis @ 20:06

I read an interesting article over the weekend describing how Google was granted a patent for identity management.

The article is Google Granted Pseudonym Patent (You’re Welcome. And, What Is Wrong With You), and the patent is US 8,271,894 – Social computing personas for protecting identity in online social interactions.

I am sure that there is novelty destroying prior art that has been previously published!


Jul 23 2012

Firefox 14.0.1

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I updated to Firefox 14.0.1 over the weekend. It does not contain any new user features, but there have been several security enhancements. See the Release Notes for the complete details.

In particular, I like the following two enhancements:

  • HTTPS is now used for all Google searches. That should prevent network administrators from eavesdropping on searches ;) Image searches are particularly fun ;) See Rolling Out HTTPS Google search for more details.
  • It is no longer possible to spoof the HTTPS icon using the favicon on a fraudulent site. I think that this was really necessary to protect ordinary computer users. I also like the way that the real domain name is highlighted to prevent fraudulent URLs. See Site identity UI updates for more details.

For more general reporting on the upgrade see Firefox 14 arrives with “secure search” and Firefox 14 Hides Your Searches from Prying Eyes.

The only downside the the upgrade has been that my favourite theme, Silvermel, no longer works :( Hopefully this will be rectified soon!

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Jul 16 2012

Jelly Beans and Nexus 7

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At the end of last month Google announced a new version of Android (called Jelly Bean) and a new tablet (called Nexus 7).

There were the most useful links that I found for Jelly Bean information:

There were the most useful links that I found for Nexus 7:

I am really just posting these for my own future reference :o


Jul 07 2012

Patent Wins and Losses for Apple

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It has been a busy week for Apple regarding its patents in court!

Firstly,it had a win in the US where it has (temporarily) blocked sales of some Samsung devices! I think that Google will quickly implement a work-around, so I do not expect consumers to notice the ban in practice! For more details on this story see Apple enforces Galaxy Nexus smartphone ban in the US.

Meanwhile, on the same day, a court in the UK ruled in favour of HTC by finding that some of Apple’s patents were in fact invalid! See HTC defeats Apple in swipe-to-unlock patent dispute for more details. I love the word “obvious” – it is so powerful ;)

It will be interesting to see what happens next, given that the two rulings are somewhat contradictory!

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Jun 13 2012

HTC Not Allowed To Sue Apple

Category: Mobile Computing,PatentsTeknovis @ 11:32

A US judge has ruled that HTC is not allowed to use some of the patents that it recently acquired from Google, as part of its efforts to sue Apple! For the full story see Apple blocks HTC’s use of Google patents in US lawsuit.

This ruling could have significant effects on the values associated with patent rights, portfolios, and transfers!

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Mar 26 2012

Google Versus Facebook as Employers

Category: Infographic,InternetTeknovis @ 17:39

I came across this interesting infographic in Job Wars: How Google Stacks Up Against Facebook over the weekend:

Google Versus Facebook (Copyright Mashable)

Google Versus Facebook (Copyright Mashable)


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Mar 17 2012

Irish Google Doodle

Category: InternetTeknovis @ 11:10

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everybody!

Given the day it is, I thought that I would write about a very Irish themed Google Doodle! No, not the slightly bland St. Patrick’s Day doodle that is being used today.

Instead, the doodle created by Irish student Patrick Horan, as described in Ireland’s winning Google Doodle graces homepage today.

Patrick Horan's Google Doodle (Copyright Google)

Patrick Horan's Google Doodle (Copyright Google)

I really like the steampunk look of it!


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