Jul 10 2012

Wind Turbine Climbing Robot

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The clever people in General Electric have built a robot that climbs and inspects wind turbines! The full details are in Go Go Gadget: Robotic Crawler Rides Up 300-Foot Poles to Inspect Wind Turbine Blades, and I will include a photo here rather than trying to explain it!

Wind Turbine Climbing Robot (Copyright General Electric)

Wind Turbine Climbing Robot (Copyright General Electric)

It looks really cool, and I am very impressed with its suction capabilities!

There are many other interesting stories reported in GE Reports.


Jan 30 2012

Software for Smart Energy Meters Event

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Enterprise Ireland are hosting an event this week relating to software for smart energy meters. Full details are available in New Niche – Software Apps for Smart Energy Meters (EI Event).


Oct 22 2011

Irish Wind Energy Record

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I came across the following interesting facts in Ireland on clean-tech high as it sets new wind power record:

Ireland hit a new wind-energy record on Thursday, 6 October at 2.30pm, when the power generated from wind reached 1,341 megawatts (MW) – enough power to supply 870,000 homes.


Wind generation provided 39pc of the electricity being used in the Republic of Ireland at the time of the record on 6 October.

Very impressive!


Aug 26 2011

Chinese Wind Turbines Coming to Ireland

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I am very enthusiastic about wind energy, and I believe that it is likely to be the most sustainable source of energy in Ireland. Indeed, if I was starting my carer again I think that I would probably look at opportunities in that area.

Anyway, I read an article recently about an Irish green energy company called Gaelectric teaming-up with a Chinese turbine manufacturer called XEMC. The article is Three new wind farms planned for Ireland, totalling 13.6MW.

This represents a significant investment, and it is a really good example of globalised technology transfer :)

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