Jun 17 2012

Tablet User Demographic

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I came across an interesting tablet user demographic during the week in Tablet users are older, richer and more likely to watch video – study. The article title contains all the key points, but I will include the figure here regardless.

Tablet User Demographic (Copyright ComScore)

Tablet User Demographic (Copyright ComScore)

Have a good weekend!

Aug 20 2011

Two New High-Profile Web Apps

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This week I came across two more high-profile companies moving from apps to web app (HTML5) to avoid the Apple tax.

The other advantages that these developers will experience is that they no longer need to get approval from Apple (which can make planning and time lines difficult), and their apps are now cross-platform!

I previous wrote about this subject in Financial Times on an iDevice.

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Jun 13 2011

iOS 5

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There was lots of talk about Apple‘s announcement of iOS 5 last week. For an overview of the new features read See new features included in iOS 5.

The most interests aspects are:

I am not an iDevice user, but I am becoming more impressed :)

Finally, Google Android vs. Apple iOS: Handicapping the 2011 death match gives a good comparison of iOS and Android.

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Jun 12 2011

Financial Times on an iDevice

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When Apple recently announced that it was going to start taking a share of revenue on purchases made within applications on iDevices (yes – I made that name up) I thought that this would accelerate the move to HTML5 web apps.

The first significant player (at least that I am aware of) made the leap this week! The Financial Times! For more details read FT Bypasses Apple’s iTunes, Launches HTML5 Web App (Free Access First Week), and to download the app go to The new FT app for iPad and iPhone.

I really wonder if Apple has got the strategy wrong with this!

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May 27 2011

Kindle Book Sales Surpass Paper Book Sales

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Wow – I heard this mentioned today:

By July 2010, Kindle book sales had surpassed hardcover book sales, and six months later, Kindle books overtook paperback books to become the most popular format on Amazon.com. Today, less than four years after introducing Kindle books, Amazon.com customers are now purchasing more Kindle books than all print books – hardcover and paperback – combined.

The full press is release is Amazon.com Now Selling More Kindle Books Than Print Books.

It is interesting timing, because in the last month I have been talking to two people who were giving away their Kindles because they use their iPads instead. Maybe it is in evolutionary process :)


Apr 21 2011

Apple is Watching You!

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There is lots of media coverage of Apple‘s covert user tracking activities: iPhones and 3G iPads record location data without permission – research.

It is times like this that I am glad I am not an Apple user :D


Feb 17 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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It certainly has been an interesting week from a tablet point-of-view. Firstly, I borrowed an iPad, and I have been giving it a good testing. The user interface is very nice, and the browsing experience has been excellent. I only encountered one website where the Javascript driven menus would not work for some reason. My only complaint with the device is that it starts to feel rather heavy when resting on your stomach :o

I also got to play with a Motorola Xoom (see Motorola Xoom for more details). During my brief encounter the device seemed to be as desirable as I had imagined ;)

The other big development (from the 10″ tablet point-of-view) was that Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab 10.1. For more details see the images or the features.

Galaxy Tab 10.1

Galaxy Tab 10.1

I spent some time playing with it also, and I cannot say that I noticed any significant difference between this and the Motorola Xoom. Perhaps this is not surprising given that they are both based on the same chipset, and they both have the same operating system.

I did read some complaints about the plastic build, but I did not find this problematic. Indeed, I liked the circular recessed area on the back because it made holding the device from any angle very comfortable.

Perhaps the only disappointment this week was that HTC did not launch a 10″ tablet :|

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Oct 21 2010


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I have been having strange cravings for an iPad recently. I cannot understand why, because I do not think that I would have a lot of use for it! I would consider the lack of Flash to be a major disadvantage because it is used to watch a lot of online television.

I considered some of the Android powered tablets, but I think that the 7 inch display is just too small.

Today I came across the JooJoo. It appears very interesting, and I found that the pictures in iPad vs. JooJoo… fight! give a very good indication of its size compared to the iPad. However, there does seem to be some legal issues surrounding it, so it might not be a good long-term investment :o


Aug 21 2010

iPad Art

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I saw some cool examples of iPad art during the week:

The first is my favourite!