Jun 08 2014

Humorous Guide to Programming Languages

Category: Humour,Software DevelopmentTeknovis @ 21:42

A friend recently sent this humorous guide to programming languages to me – A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages.

Actually, this guide makes me feel that I want to learn a weird and wonderful new programming language!

May 13 2014

Crowdsourced Unreal Tournament

Category: Games,Software DevelopmentTeknovis @ 20:33

Apparently the next version of Unreal Tournament is going to be crowdsourced according to Epic announces crowdsourced dev model for next Unreal Tournament.

I have fond memories of playing the multiplayer version of this game :) Actually, I do not think that I have played a single game of anything else since then!

Mar 21 2014

Netflix Hack Day

Category: Software Development,Wearable ComputingTeknovis @ 09:10

There is an interesting insight into a recent hack day in Netflix described in Netflix Hack Day.

Some of the projects are very interesting. I particularly like the idea of stopping the video when the user falls asleep. I know somebody that could really benefit from it!


Jan 01 2013

HTML5 Presentation

Category: Internet,Software DevelopmentTeknovis @ 10:36

Happy New Year! I hope that it will be a good one for you!

Here is an impressive HTML5 Presentation. I actually came across it a few weeks ago, but I somehow forgot about posting it here :o


Jun 28 2012


Category: Android,Software DevelopmentTeknovis @ 21:29

Somebody recently told me about on{X} (part of Microsoft), and its service that enables you to program your Android mobile device without any programming skills. Interesting idea!

For more details see on{X}: The Coolest Thing to Happen to Android. Courtesy of… Microsoft Israel?.


Jun 14 2012

Defensive Patent License

Category: Internet,Patents,Software DevelopmentTeknovis @ 12:14

There is an interesting, and counter-intuitive, argument for obtaining patents described in The Defensive Patent License makes patents less evil for open source.

However, I am not sure if this is so viable in light of the judgement earlier this week described in Apple blocks HTC’s use of Google patents in US lawsuit.

Apr 30 2012

Annual All-Ireland Schools’ Programming Competition

Category: Second Level,Software DevelopmentTeknovis @ 09:22

The deadline for entry into the Annual All-Ireland Schools’ Programming Competition is the end of this week! It is a great competition, and the standard at the final in DCU is always extremely high!

For more details see How to Enter.

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Jan 23 2012

Irish Collegiate Programming Contest 2012

Category: Events,Fourth Level,Software Development,Third LevelTeknovis @ 09:23


Registration for the Irish Collegiate Programming Contest (IrlCPC) opened a few minutes ago!

It sounds like a really good event, and this year it is being held in UCC.  (Interestingly, last year’s photos show that the attendees all look exactly like the stereotypes you would associate with such an event. That is a pity in terms of trying to broaden its appeal!)


Jan 20 2012

Reducing Software Development Risks

Category: Software DevelopmentTeknovis @ 13:27

I must read How to Mitigate Risk During Software Development the next time that I am involved in an outsourcing project!

Sep 01 2011

Web App Architecture

Category: Mobile Computing,Software DevelopmentTeknovis @ 07:38

I came across this very useful high-level introduction to web apps during the week – Anatomy of a HTML5 Mobile App.

This is definitely an area that is becoming very relevant to me!

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