Mar 30 2011

DCU Degrees – Try Before You Buy

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DCU has launched a programme allowing students to try a university style degree over a two week period during the summer holidays. For more details see ‘Dragon’ kicks off DCU’s Summer Scholars Programme.

I think that this is an absolutely brilliant idea, especially if it helps to reduce the number of first year drop-outs!


Mar 21 2011

Cloud Computing in Dublin

Category: Cloud ComputingTeknovis @ 18:22

Amazon, Microsoft, and many more see Dublin as an ideal location for their data centres according to Dublin Emerges as Cloud Computing Hub.

Some of the linked articles are also very interesting, such as Colocation Dublin that lists all of the data centres in the Dublin area.

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Mar 01 2011

Merging Irish Universities

Category: Third LevelTeknovis @ 17:51

I read an interesting article today that was making the case against merging the Irish Universities. I had been in favour of this, but based upon the numbers presented I think that I need to rethink!

The article is The claim that we have too many universities is simply wrong, but note that it is written by a former president of DCU.

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