Sep 09 2013

Photoshop Past and Future

Category: Digital Imaging,SoftwareTeknovis @ 21:57

I watched this interesting video about the past and future of Adobe‘s Photoshop – Thomas Knoll: The Story of Photoshop.

The discussion on Adobe’s move to subscription based pricing is particularly interesting. I must admit that I would not buy software under that licensing model!

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Sep 07 2013

Raise Your IQ

Category: EducationTeknovis @ 14:13

I heard about Raise Your IQ a few months ago, but I never got around to blogging about it. I must admit that I know very little about it, and I would normally be quick to dismiss such a concept. However, what caught my attention was the number of well known entities that are behind this, including NUI Maynooth and Enterprise Ireland.

I hope to give it a try coming into the winter months. I will be sure to write about my experiences here :)

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