Dec 27 2012

The Rise of Android

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I hope everybody is having a merry Christmas! I know I am :)

Anyway, here is a nice infographic by MBA Online charting the rise of Android (click image to see larger version):

Android (Copyright MBA Online)

Android (Copyright MBA Online)

I have heard it before, but it still fascinates me that Microsoft makes more money from Android than from Windows Mobile due to patent royalties!

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Sep 29 2012

The Staggeringly Huge Future of Mobility

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Morning! Another nice inforgraphic that I saw recently (click image to see larger version):

The Staggeringly Huge Future of Mobility (Copyright Visage Mobile)

The Staggeringly Huge Future of Mobility (Copyright Visage Mobile)

This one was published by Visage Mobile.

Jul 25 2012

Apple’s Graphical Interface Patent

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There has been a lot of discussion recently about one of Apple‘s latest granted patents – US 8,223,134 Portable Electronic Device, Method, and Graphical User Interface for Displaying Electronic Lists and Documents. For example, see Apple granted ‘the mother of all smartphone software patents’.

I actually think that the patent is being over hyped. I would not be overly concerned about infringing it, because its independent claims are very narrow.


Jul 21 2012

Mobile Phone Usage

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A nice inforgraphic on mobile phone usage by Inneractive (click image to see larger version):

How do people really use their phones? (Copyright Inneractive)

How do people really use their phones? (Copyright Inneractive)

The infographic states that battery consumption is correlated with transmission levels. I can believe that. However, I would have thought that the data requirements of running apps would have a greater influence on transmission levels than geographical network conditions :o

Jul 16 2012

Jelly Beans and Nexus 7

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At the end of last month Google announced a new version of Android (called Jelly Bean) and a new tablet (called Nexus 7).

There were the most useful links that I found for Jelly Bean information:

There were the most useful links that I found for Nexus 7:

I am really just posting these for my own future reference :o


Jul 07 2012

Patent Wins and Losses for Apple

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It has been a busy week for Apple regarding its patents in court!

Firstly,it had a win in the US where it has (temporarily) blocked sales of some Samsung devices! I think that Google will quickly implement a work-around, so I do not expect consumers to notice the ban in practice! For more details on this story see Apple enforces Galaxy Nexus smartphone ban in the US.

Meanwhile, on the same day, a court in the UK ruled in favour of HTC by finding that some of Apple’s patents were in fact invalid! See HTC defeats Apple in swipe-to-unlock patent dispute for more details. I love the word “obvious” – it is so powerful ;)

It will be interesting to see what happens next, given that the two rulings are somewhat contradictory!

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Jun 28 2012


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Somebody recently told me about on{X} (part of Microsoft), and its service that enables you to program your Android mobile device without any programming skills. Interesting idea!

For more details see on{X}: The Coolest Thing to Happen to Android. Courtesy of… Microsoft Israel?.


Jun 17 2012

Tablet User Demographic

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I came across an interesting tablet user demographic during the week in Tablet users are older, richer and more likely to watch video – study. The article title contains all the key points, but I will include the figure here regardless.

Tablet User Demographic (Copyright ComScore)

Tablet User Demographic (Copyright ComScore)

Have a good weekend!

Jun 13 2012

HTC Not Allowed To Sue Apple

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A US judge has ruled that HTC is not allowed to use some of the patents that it recently acquired from Google, as part of its efforts to sue Apple! For the full story see Apple blocks HTC’s use of Google patents in US lawsuit.

This ruling could have significant effects on the values associated with patent rights, portfolios, and transfers!

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Jun 05 2012

Payment Methods

Category: mPaymentsTeknovis @ 20:54

I came across this interesting article comparing payment methods – Comparing All The New Payment Methods – NFC, Mobile Wallet, Self Checkout, and More. It is a little dated, but still very relevant!

I must admit that I still find it weird that I never need to use my credit card PIN number in the US! All that is ever required is a pathetic attempt to repeat my signature on a touchscreen with a digital pen that feels as accurate as a hammer! Another weird thing in the US is the way that the waiter/waitress disappears for ages with my credit card when I am paying in restaurants!

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