Apr 06 2011

Amazon Dedicated Instances

Category: Cloud ComputingTeknovis @ 6:23 pm

I read an interesting news release last week from Amazon Web Services (AWS), but for some reason I forgot to add it here :o

Anyway, the article announced that Amazon will soon allow customers to run their machine instances on dedicated hardware within the cloud. For more information seeĀ Amazon VPC Adds Dedicated Instances and Amazon EC2 Dedicated Instances.

This is an interesting development, because it moves the machine instances slightly away from the original spirit of the cloud. However, it does enable Amazon to compete with other existing cloud providers who were offering dedicated hardware (unfortunately, I cannot remember their names).


Mar 21 2011

Cloud Computing in Dublin

Category: Cloud ComputingTeknovis @ 6:22 pm

Amazon, Microsoft, and many more see Dublin as an ideal location for their data centres according to Dublin Emerges as Cloud Computing Hub.

Some of the linked articles are also very interesting, such as Colocation Dublin that lists all of the data centres in the Dublin area.

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Nov 12 2010

Amazon Refuses To Censor

Category: InternetTeknovis @ 6:46 pm

I hate censorship – of all types. So I was delighted to read that Amazon has refused to censor the rather controversially titled book The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure. For more information see Amazon row over paedophile book.

Well done Amazon!

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Oct 15 2010

Amazon to Launch Android Market

Category: AndroidTeknovis @ 12:44 pm

I am just after reading Battle of the apps fuels smartphone war, and I am amazed by the following statement:

Global online trader Amazon.com is reportedly looking at creating its own online store for Android. This would bring the unity, stamp of quality and prestige that Android apps needed from the beginning.

This certainly would be an interesting development by Amazon. Perhaps it would be a good fit, given that Amazon certainly is an innovator, and it is also very well established with consumers.

I really wonder if the iPad, or indeed the entire emerging tablet market, is damaging Kindle sales.


Sep 25 2010

Verizon Offers Cloud Computing Services

Category: Cloud Computing,TelecomsTeknovis @ 8:20 am

Somebody told me during the week that Verizon was entering the Cloud Computing market place. I think that this is a very interesting development.

Computers can be thought of abstractly being composed of only three capabilities:

  • Processing capabilities
  • Storage capabilities
  • Networking capabilities

The existing Cloud Computing providers (such as Amazon Web Services (AWS)) have already successfully brought the first of those two capabilities into the Cloud Computing environment.

However, nobody has successfully brought network capabilities into the Cloud Computing environment (or alternatively, nobody has brought the cloud outside of the data centre).

I suspect the reason for this is two-fold:

  • The existing Cloud Computing providers do not own the infrastructure outside of the data centre.
  • The telecos, who own the infrastructure, do not really have the enabling technology.

Therefore, it will be very interesting to see if Verizon’s move into the Cloud Computing environment will be the start of true Cloud Computing!

For more details about this read Verizon Introduces New Pay-As-You-Go Cloud Computing for Small, Medium Business Markets.

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Sep 16 2010

Amazon EC2 Micro Instances

Category: Cloud ComputingTeknovis @ 4:33 pm

I saw today that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has released new, low-cost, entry level instances! Very cool! I am extremely happy with the service from Blacknight, but if circumstances changed then I would definitely consider moving some of my sites!

For more information about this see New Amazon EC2 Micro Instances – New, Low Cost Option for Low Throughput Applications.

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Jul 06 2010


Category: Location Based ServicesTeknovis @ 6:41 pm

A while ago a friend told me about a company called SimpleGeo that develops a geodata infrastructure. It is a bit difficult to understand exactly what it does, but the blog is interesting, and the founders’ biographies are also worth a look.

The infrastructure itself appears to run on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Mar 20 2010

“Cloud Application Architectures” by George Reese

Category: Cloud Computing,ReviewsTeknovis @ 8:02 am

I recently read Cloud Application Architectures: Building Applications and Infrastructure in the Cloud by George Reese.

"Cloud Application Architectures" by George Reese

"Cloud Application Architectures" by George Reese

It was a very enjoyable read, and it was quite an easy read. I think that it is a great place to start reading about Cloud Computing.

The book focuses almost exclusively on Cloud Computing in the context of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This suited me, but it may not be to everybody’s liking.

My only criticism of the book was that it did not go into enough detail. In particular, there is a lot of focus on EC2 and almost nothing about the other services. That is a pity, because I would have liked to have read the same type of material about S3, SimpleDB, and SQS.

Also, despite the focus on EC2, I felt that some fundamental aspects were not described even though the author referred to them extensively. For example, many pages were dedicated to describing the AMIs, yet it is not described anywhere how to create them!

In summary, I think that this book is a great introduction to Cloud Computing. It describes what it is, and when it can be used advantageously. Finally, it really put me in the mood for starting to play with AWS :)


Oct 25 2009

Net Neutrality Supporters

Category: TelecomsTeknovis @ 6:22 pm

I read an article during the week about a letter of support for Net Neutrality from some of the biggest, and most well-known, Internet based companies in the world. The article is Big names support net neutrality, and it lists the following supporters:

The letter, signed by the chief executives of Google, Ebay, Skype, Facebook, Amazon and Sony Electronics among others, says that maintaining data neutrality helps businesses to compete on the basis of content alone.


Other signatories included community websites Digg, Flickr, LinkedIn and Craigslist.

This list of companies does not really surprise me, as they probably have the most to gain from Net Neutrality. Conversely, it is probably the telcos who have the most to loose!

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Aug 05 2009

Amazon Acquisitions and Investments

Category: BusinessTeknovis @ 7:18 pm

A friend told me about this lovely graphic depicting the acquisitions and investments made by Amazon.

Amazon Acquisitions and Investments

Amazon Acquisitions and Investments


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