Oct 25 2008

IT Graduate Recruitment in Ireland

Category: Third LevelTeknovis @ 16:04

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting recruiters from several of the leading IT companies in Ireland. The informal message that I got from them all was that:

  • There are currently as many graduate opportunities as there were last year, and in some cases there are significantly more.
  • Starting salaries are roughly between 27,000€ and 33,000€ per annum. (Naturally there are other benefits associated with each job!)
  • The applicants are making more of an effort in their applications compared to previous years. I am speculating that this is due to applicants being aware of the current economy downturn.
  • The average calibre of applicants is decreasing. I am speculating that this is a symptom of the general reluctance of Irish students to pursue technical subjects.

So overall, it appears that there are plenty of opportunities in the IT sector for high-calibre graduates. This is consistent with both my experiences, and my colleagues experiences, of employment opportunities for experienced IT professionals.