Jan 09 2009

2009 Irish Blog Awards Nominations

Category: InternetTeknovis @ 20:20

The Irish Blog Awards are now accepting nominations for 2009 on 2009 Nominations. The available categories are:

  • Best Popculture blog
  • Best Blog from a Journalist
  • Best Food/Drink Blog
  • Best Fashion Blog
  • Best Arts and Culture Blog
  • Best Political Blog
  • Best Group Blog
  • Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog
  • Best Technology Blog/Blogger
  • Best Sport & Recreation Blog
  • Best News/Current Affairs Blog
  • Best Specialist Blog
  • Best Newcomer
  • Best Blog of a Business
  • Best Music Blog
  • Best Personal Blog
  • Best Humour Blog
  • Best Photo Blog
  • Best Blog Post

Further details of each category are described in 2009 Nominations. Well done to Damien Mulley for organising these awards!

I certainly will be voting. My problem is that I have definite ideas about which blogs to nominate in certain categories, and I am not aware of even a single blog in other categories!

I think that the launch timing of my blog was too late to enable it to mature sufficiently to be considered for the best newcomer category :(

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Jan 09 2009

Irish Government Research Investment

Category: Fourth LevelTeknovis @ 08:56

It is great to read that the Irish Government has just announced that it is to invest a further €300 million in research in €300m for cutting-edge research. I think that this type of investment is needed to ensure that Ireland remains a significant location for business in the future.

I also think that this is quite a brave mood for a very unpopular government, especially as many other more visible services are being cut to reduce costs.

However, there is something that concerns me about this announcment.

The funding will be targeted at developing buildings and other infrastructure for research.

Why invest in buildings? Buildings will not help the economy! Indeed, many would argue that the focus on building over the last few years is a significant cause of the current financial problems.

Furthermore, is there not already an oversupply of commercial property in Ireland at the moment?