Apr 18 2010

Dollar Annoyances

Category: MoneyTeknovis @ 09:58

Money is something that has fascinated me for the last few years. I do not mean that I am obsessed about obtaining it :) Instead, I am interested in the design, production, and usage of the actual notes and coins! There is a lot of technology involved in all of this!

I was in the US recently. I think that it is a great country (with a few negative aspects), but the Dollar drives me crazy!

My main annoyances are:

  • The coins do not have their values printed on them!
  • The notes are all the same size and colour!
  • The prices displayed in shops never include the taxes! This makes it really difficult not to accumulate lots of small change!

These things probably annoy me so much because I am used to using the Euro, which is very new and it was designed with usability in mind. For example, all of the Euro coins have different engravings on their sides so that they can be easily identified by visually impaired people.