Sep 22 2010

Stupid Windows 7 File Explorer

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As I previous wrote, I am using Windows 7 as my main Windows operating system on my laptop.

To date, I dislike it intensely! I have not found a single useful feature that would really cause me to upgrade a Windows XP computer.

So today I am going to compain about the Windows Explorer! The following issues really annoy me, and I have been unable to find any solutions or workarounds online:

  • The Windows Ribbon drives me nuts! It occupies a lot of area, and it does not give me any useful options that are not already available in the toolbar! I want it to vanish!
  • Unfortunately, the entire toolbar area at the top of each window has grown very big :( I loved the way that I used to be able to put the address bar on the toolbar.
  • I find the favourites that insist on appearing at the top of the panel on the left hand side to be useless to me.
  • Why is there no button to allow me to “Go up one level” in the directory hierarchy?
  • The status bar no longer contains useful information, such as the total file size when more than one file is selected!

Great, now I feel better :)

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One Response to “Stupid Windows 7 File Explorer”

  1. Eimhin says:

    I think the ribbon is called the Windows Explorer contextual strip – it’s not that useful. Agree with the too much wasted space at the top of the screen – for example, I love how Chrome uses the title bar for tabs. Favorites are handy in the save dialog and if you’re using the new libraries feature. I don’t miss the go up icon, as you can just click on the folder in the address bar for the same effect. Also, my status bar shows total file size when I select multiple files – what’s up with yours? Having said all that, Windows Explorer is a compromise between features for ordinary and power users. A tool like Total Commander would be better suited to your needs.