Nov 09 2010

Top Educational Salaries in Ireland

Category: EducationTeknovis @ 12:07

There is really interesting reading in The top 100 best-paid in education.

I think that to a large extent the Irish third level educational system has become inflated with its own self importance!


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  1. Teknovis says:

    A friend sent me this link detailing French educational salaries:

  2. Eimhin says:

    It’s a funny contrast of stories that really shows how meaningless the figures are without context. The Irish Times story is classic minimalist begrudgery – all those overpaid ivory tower intellectuals! The French story is some pretty flaky projections on the linear reduction of salaries in the French educational sector over time – including the very intellectual friendly Einstein quote “Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one’s living at it”.

  3. Teknovis says:

    Great quote :) Expect to see it here soon!

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  5. Eion McNamara says:

    How much do you think should the director of SFI earn?
    And whom do you think you would get for that salary?

  6. Teknovis says:

    @Eion – I think that all public salaries should be capped between 100,000€ and 200,000€ per annum until the economy improves. If this does not suit people, then let them join the private sector :)

  7. Eion McNamara says:

    If only things were so easy.
    Do you think the Director General is leaving SFI because he is earning less in Australia?
    It will be hard to fill the post with somebody suitable, even with that salary. These people don’t grow on trees.

    Without a good SFI Director General no national research strategy, no research funding, less innovation, less investment in Ireland, less hope for recovery. Do you think you could do the job?

    Sure, some salaries are over the top, especially for admins. But general statements like yours do not necessarily hold.

  8. Teknovis says:


    Things will be this easy if the EU/IMF take-over :) Good news from a tax-payer’s point of view.

    Maybe I could do that job… ;)

  9. Eion McNamara says:

    If that happens watch the exodus. The trouble is Ireland will lose all the good people, because they find all high paying jobs elsewhere. And will keep the ones that that are not capable of finding a high paying job elsewhere.
    Good Night then.

  10. Teknovis says:

    @Eion – I think that the exodus started many months ago…