May 13 2011

HTML5 and Web Applications

Category: Mobile ComputingTeknovis @ 17:08

I attended an event this week that was aimed at developers of services for consumption on mobile devices. The majority present were developing these as platform specific mobile applications.

However, many present expressed concerns with pursuing this route. In particular, the following concerns were expressed:

  • It is becoming increasingly difficult, and costly, to maintain separate development teams to target the specific platforms.
  • The value of being present in the application stores is decreasing as they become more cluttered.
  • There is frustration with the limited hardware access that some device manufacturers allow.

It was also interesting to hear that there were very encouraging sentiments towards developing web applications. After reading HTML5 Is An Oncoming Train, But Native App Development Is An Oncoming Rocket Ship recently, I was surprised by this! Personally, I think that it is the way forward!