Jul 29 2011

Android Becomes Most Popular Smartphone Operating System

Category: Mobile ComputingTeknovis @ 16:55

Android is now the most popular operating system for smartphones, according to In U.S. Smartphone Market, Android is Top Operating System, Apple is Top Manufacturer.

June 2011 Smartphone Share (Copyright Nielsen)

June 2011 Smartphone Share (Copyright Nielsen)

The above graphic really says it all!

Jul 04 2011

Emerging Telco Charging Models

Category: Networks,TelecomsTeknovis @ 08:48

I just read an interesting blog post on emerging telco charging models: Euro ‘Google Tax’ battle looms.

I am not sure what the author means by the following:

However, what would stop the likes of Google, the most vocal of net neutrality supporters, from avoiding those networks altogether and routing their content via less expensive or free routes, maybe even developing their own.

Is it being suggested that Google would become a 3G/4G operator? I think that this is unlikely, but I could see it rolling out unlicensed wireless infrastructure in urban areas.


Jul 01 2011

Recruitment Difficulties in Ireland

Category: BusinessTeknovis @ 21:20

Despite the economic downturn US firms operating in Ireland are struggling to fill over 2,000 vacancies, according to new research published today.

The above quote is taken from Over 2,000 vacancies at US firms.

Unfortunately, I must admit that I am not surprised by this based upon my own experiences :| I have said it several times before, but I really think that the Irish education system needs to improve dramatically. Otherwise, it simply will not be possible to attract high-tech companies to Ireland.