Jul 04 2011

Emerging Telco Charging Models

Category: Networks,TelecomsTeknovis @ 08:48

I just read an interesting blog post on emerging telco charging models: Euro ‘Google Tax’ battle looms.

I am not sure what the author means by the following:

However, what would stop the likes of Google, the most vocal of net neutrality supporters, from avoiding those networks altogether and routing their content via less expensive or free routes, maybe even developing their own.

Is it being suggested that Google would become a 3G/4G operator? I think that this is unlikely, but I could see it rolling out unlicensed wireless infrastructure in urban areas.


One Response to “Emerging Telco Charging Models”

  1. Eimhin says:

    The article’s author doesn’t seem to have a high opinion of net neutrality “mumbo jumbo”. A more formal agreement for network traffic handling is reasonable, but doesn’t justify gatekeepers of Internet content. Data traffic is being commoditized and telcos may fight to preserve a more profitable status quo, but I think economics will ultimately prevail.