Jul 10 2012

Wind Turbine Climbing Robot

Category: Energy,RoboticsTeknovis @ 19:22

The clever people in General Electric have built a robot that climbs and inspects wind turbines! The full details are in Go Go Gadget: Robotic Crawler Rides Up 300-Foot Poles to Inspect Wind Turbine Blades, and I will include a photo here rather than trying to explain it!

Wind Turbine Climbing Robot (Copyright General Electric)

Wind Turbine Climbing Robot (Copyright General Electric)

It looks really cool, and I am very impressed with its suction capabilities!

There are many other interesting stories reported in GE Reports.


May 03 2009

500GB Discs

Category: HardwareTeknovis @ 09:50

I read earlier in the week that General Electric has developed a 500GB optical disk! Wow! I remember being really impressed when 700MB CDs became available! That seemed huge at that time! I have since learned that when considering data storage whatever number seems huge at any given time will quickly become small :o

To read more about this see Optical disc offers 500GB storage.