Jul 18 2012

Robotic Walking

Category: RoboticsTeknovis @ 21:48

There is an interesting story (and demonstrative video) of a new approach to robotic walking in ‘Most realistic’ robot legs developed.

Now I am off to find a baby and a treadmill…

Jul 12 2012

The Future of Glass

Category: Hardware,PatentsTeknovis @ 20:10

I read that HP was recently granted a patent for transparent glass screen technology. It sounds interesting, and it could enable a new wave of devices. For more details see HP’s see-through screen proposals secure US patent.

If you are wondering how glass may develop in the future, then take a look at this excellent video by Corning:

Here is the same family, using more glass, during the same day:

Here is another one that includes some explanations throughout it:

Enjoy, and be inspired ;)

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Jul 10 2012

Wind Turbine Climbing Robot

Category: Energy,RoboticsTeknovis @ 19:22

The clever people in General Electric have built a robot that climbs and inspects wind turbines! The full details are in Go Go Gadget: Robotic Crawler Rides Up 300-Foot Poles to Inspect Wind Turbine Blades, and I will include a photo here rather than trying to explain it!

Wind Turbine Climbing Robot (Copyright General Electric)

Wind Turbine Climbing Robot (Copyright General Electric)

It looks really cool, and I am very impressed with its suction capabilities!

There are many other interesting stories reported in GE Reports.


May 01 2012

Vodafone Smart Tab 10

Category: Android,HardwareTeknovis @ 11:30

I have just noticed that Vodafone Ireland are offering a new tablet called the Vodafone Smart Tab 10.

I think that for an unbranded tablet it is overpriced!


Nov 08 2011

STD Cards

Category: Hardware,HumourTeknovis @ 17:46

A family friend recently asked me where was the best place to buy a STD Card! It was obvious from the conversation that she really meant a SD Card, but it was still hilarious!

In fairness, it is actually an appropriate name when you consider how many devices these cards are now inserted into!

Nov 04 2011


Category: HardwareTeknovis @ 18:56

It is funny that recently two people independently told me about a company called Arduino that manufacture and sell microcontrollers. There is a lot of introductory information in Arduino.

I think that these microcontrollers look like a lot of fun, and if I had more time I would love to try a project :)


Nov 02 2011

Microsoft Patents

Category: Hardware,Mobile Computing,PatentsTeknovis @ 13:10

Some of Microsoft‘s latest, and more creative, patents are described in Microsoft Patents Manipulation Of 3D Virtual Objects, Throwing Gestures.

I have actually seen very similar ideas presented already, and I am sure these would be invalidating prior art!


Oct 27 2011

The Alpha Dog

Category: RoboticsTeknovis @ 09:33

Boston Dynamics have a new robot – the Alpha Dog!

I previously wrote about its robotic endeavours in Boston Dynamics PETMAN.


Oct 24 2011

Galileo Launch

Category: Hardware,Location Based ServicesTeknovis @ 08:33

The first Galileo satellites were launched last week, according to Galileo Navigation Satellites Lift Off Thursday.

It seems that this has been discussed and planned for years, so it is great to finally see it starting to happen!


Aug 22 2011

NFC Introduction

Category: Hardware,Mobile ComputingTeknovis @ 20:27

I read this interesting introduction to Near Field Communications (NFC) today: Near Field Communication: A Quick Guide to the Future of Mobile.

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