Dec 14 2008

Firefly Mobile Phones

Category: Mobile ComputingTeknovis @ 10:43

Another Christmas shopping article…

I noticed these Firefly mobile phones for sale in many main-street shops while I was doing some off-line Christmas shopping yesterday.

Firefly Mobile Phones

Firefly Mobile Phones

These mobile phones are designed for young children. Typically, the user (a child) is allowed to call Mum (big button with woman) and Dad (big button with man). Additionally, the user is only allowed to receive calls from numbers that are in the address book.

In terms of technology there is nothing new in these mobile phones, because they are simply very restricted mobile phones. I think that the main novelty lies in the usage of the technology to satisfy a certain market. I think that it is a great idea!

I presume that there will soon be a GPS enabled Firefly that enables concerned parents to view their childrens’ locations!

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