Nov 16 2008

Sex Guide for Avatars

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The BBC is well known for its in-depth, and meticulous, reporting in articles. It is one of these articles that caught my attention this morning… Indeed, I would go as far as to say it was the most interesting article that I read all week!

The article I am referring to is How do avatars have sex?, and it provides a fascinating insight into how avatars have sex in Second Life! The beginning of the process is:

First you need to buy genitals

I can see why this step is important, but it is not something that I would have thought of before reading the article! Just as in real life, these come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours. The article then describes how the new purchase can be used:

You can touch and jiggle about a bit and you can emote and gesture in a way the other person would see

The article then goes on the explain the full process, for those of you who are interested ;)

Wow – I really never expected to be writing about sex on this blog (or indeed any blog)! I wonder if sex will become the most clicked tag in my tag cloud ;)

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