Nov 21 2008

Golden Spiders Awards Winners

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The 2008 Golden Spider Awards were announced last night in Dublin. Congratulations to all of the winners!

The Golden Spider Awards are in addition to both the Net Visionary Awards and the Irish Web Awards. It is impressive (or surprising) that there is room for all three awards in Ireland!

The winners that caught my attention were:

  • TV3, because its website has improved significantly since I last saw it.
  • Ordnance Survey Ireland, because its online mapping facility is really cool! (I wonder will it remain free!)
  • Sentry Wireless, simply because I never heard of it, and it is in an interesting space in the market!
  • Damien Mulley – Irish super-blogger!
  • I am familiar with this website, and it deserves recognition for taking the generic concept of a bulletin-board and turning it into a popular website. I wonder has this been replicated in any other countries? I am not actually very fond of, because I find it is full of opinionated local trivia that is of little use.

Most of the other winners are easy viewing :)

However, I have to say that I am slightly sceptical of the Golden Spider Awards due to the fact that so much money is involved in them!

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