Dec 10 2008

Conference Social Events

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Over the past few years I have attended many international conferences (and even a few in Ireland). These conferences can usually be classified into two different types.

The first type of conference events are the academic type. This are usually of a non-commercial nature, and therefore they have limited budgets. However, the attendees are normally from a younger age group. So the social events at these conferences tend to be cheaper, but also more energetic.

The second type of conference events are the industry type. I have been to many of these where there are a small number of people, but big deals are done during them. It is not unusual (at least during previous better economic times) for the companies selling to spend several thousand euro per head on the social events. These social events are usually very unique opportunities that an individual would not be able to experience. They also tend to be more serious, and they are aimed at an older age group.

Earlier today I read about DomainFest 2009 in Playboy Mansion Party Announced For DomainFest. As the title suggests, the social event is going to be held in the Playboy Mansion!

I think that this is one of the most unusual social events that I have ever seen as part of a conference! It certainly would be an unforgettable experience!

Unfortunately, this conference is outside of my field :(

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