Dec 31 2008


Category: InternetTeknovis @ 16:43

I read a very interesting article earlier this week about a company called Hulu. (I read the article in a magazine, and I cannot find an online version of it.) I had never heard of Hulu before!

In summary, Hulu offers Internet viewers video content from some of the largest studios in the US. Its novelty is that it obtains revenues by including advertising.

The unfortunate thing about Hulu from my point-of-view is that its video content can only be accessed from US based IP addresses :( So I will just have to wait until I am there to try it :(

Hulu are also trying to get more mainstream coverage by streaming New Year’s Eve celebrations from Times Square. Details about this are in Hulu will live-stream New Year’s Eve in Times Square so you don’t have to freeze.

I am going to embed the live stream here, just to see if it works.

Either way, I hope that everybody enjoys their celebrations tonight!