Oct 04 2010

Eircom Launches eMobile

Category: TelecomsTeknovis @ 16:56

It is impossible not to notice that Eircom has launched a new mobile phone network operator called eMobile, due to the abundance of adverts in all of the mainstream media.

I must admit that I was initially baffled by this move, given that Eircom already owns a mobile phone network operator – Meteor. However, it appears that all Eircom is really doing is segmenting the market by age. This could be a sensible move, because Meteor is very strongly associated with teenagers (and practically nobody else).

For more information about this see Eircom launches new mobile brand, Eircom unveils new mobile strategy – eMobile has arrived, or Eircom Launches eMobile. The official Eircom press release is eircom’s New Mobile Service “eMobile” It’s For You!.

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