May 19 2011

Casino Spam

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I received this humorous, if not somewhat innovate, spam email promoting a casino today:

hi bud, ok I`ll give you my trick but if you give it someone else I`ll fuckin kill you :)

you know in roulette you can bet on blacks or reds. If you bet $1 on black and it goes black you win $1 but if it goes red you loose your $1.

but I found a way you can win everytime:

bet $1 on black if it goes black you win $1

now again bet $1 on black, if it goes red bet $3 on black, if it goes red again bet $8 on black, if red again bet $20 on black, red again bet $52 on black (always multiple you previous lost bet around 2.5x), if now is black you win $52 so you have $104 and you bet:

$1 + $3 + $8 + $20 + $52 = $84 So you just won $20 :)

now when you won you start with $1 on blacks again etc etc. its always bound to go black eventually (it`s 50/50) so that way you eventually always win. But there`s a catch. If you start winning too much (like $1000 a day) casino will finally notice something and can ban

you. I was banned once on royal casino. So don`t be too greedy and don`t win more then $300 a day and you can do it for years. I think bigger casinos know that trick so I play for real money on smaller ones, right now I play on vip casino for more

then 6 months, I win $200-$300 a day and my account still works. You`ll find roulette there when you log in go to “specialty” section. And don`t you dare talling about it anyone else, if too many people knows about it casinos will finally found a way to block that trick. If you have any questions just drop me a line here or on skype.

c ya

Cool – so the Roulette tables at the mentioned web sites have no green squares!

Now where did I leave my credit card…


May 16 2009

Mailinator Email

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A friend (who is currently considering starting a blog) told me about an interesting email service that he uses called Mailinator.

Actually, I used to achieve something like this using a catch-all. I thought it was very useful for giving individuals and companies spontaneous email addresses that I could later convert to a real email account. However, it does make you very vulnerable to spam :(

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Dec 06 2008

Christmas Themed Spam

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I have a few email accounts on which I do not perform any spam filtering. There is no real need to, because I usually receive about five messages in them per week, and about three of these messages are usually spam. So I have a quick glance at them, and then hit the delete key.

I got one such spam email this morning. This email was promoting yet another wonder drug for men who are worried about the size of their penises. However, there was something very different about this email – it had a Christmas theme! I will not quote it here, but the general message was that certain ladies will be very happy with what Santa will be capable of giving them this year :|

It was the first time that I ever saw a Christmas themed spam email!

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Dec 02 2008

Location Based Services in Ireland

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I spent several years (maybe even too many) working in the area of Location Based Services (LBSs). Indeed, I first started working in this area before it become the next “killer application” area! I spent my time working on both the technical enablers of LBSs, and the commercial groundwork for a start-up company. Happy memories ;)

This morning I read an article titled Location, location, location – geo-commerce is here and now. The article starts with the usual scenario describing how LBSs will revolutionise our lives by changing the way we make every decision. It also claims that now is the right time for LBSs to make an impact. Different people have been saying this for years now, so I suppose that somebody might be correct some day! Maybe I am just to cynical!

The article focuses on two Irish companies that are currently developing LBSs for mass market consumption based on mobile phone and PDA technology:

  • ICAP Media has developed an “opt-in mobile-phone marketing platform” that supplies the user with discounts that can be redeemed in nearby businesses. Unfortunately, this just sounds like location aware spam to me :(
  • Tagggit has developed a virtual tagging system that allows users to leave tags in specific locations. These tags can then be read by the same user at a later stage, or shared with other users who are in the same location. This seems like a commercial application of the Stick-e Note Architecture developed by University of Kent researchers in 1997!

There are many other companies also developing LBSs in Ireland.

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