Nov 06 2008

US Election Website Traffic

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I read three articles on TechCrunch today regarding Internet traffic on election day of the US election.

I do not expect that websites outside of the US experienced significant increases, because there is less interest in the US election, and the time differences made it a bit impractical!

Finally, Twitter also had an extremely busy night, as described in OMG, That Was A Big Day. It is a pity that this post does not give some more general statistics. For example, are any of these statistics new records?

I think that it is very impressive that all of the major websites that experienced heavy traffic were able to cope with it. I particularly like Twitter’s approach:

Our technical approach over the last several months has been to find the weakest point of the system, fix it so it’s no longer the weakest, move to the next weakest point, and so on.

I also notice that the new president is a Twitter user! It will be great if he can continue to find time to maintain his online presence!

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2 Responses to “US Election Website Traffic”

  1. Eimhin says:

    I think that the radical approach taken by the Obama campaign to public involvement and transparency through use of modern communications technology is refreshing. Check out the website for an example of what I’m talking about. A lot of the ideas have already been pioneered in Scandinavian countries and new EU members like Estonia, but to see those good ideas being applied on a larger scale is very exciting.

  2. Teknovis says:

    I am guessing that we will see the political parties try to use Internet technology more here in the upcoming local elections. I think what they will not realise is that Internet technology without a strong message is useless.

    Libertas seemed to make some use of Internet technology in the recent referendum, but I do not attribute the result to either Internet technology or Libertas. This is discussed more in