Nov 08 2008

Goodbye Windows 3.11!

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The BBC are reporting that Microsoft stopped issuing new licences for Windows 3.11 at the beginning of the month in The end of an era – Windows 3.x. It is really hilarous to consider the hardware requirements for Windows 3.11 now:

  • An 8086/8088 processor or better running at 10MHz
  • 64KB of RAM
  • 7MB of hard drive space
  • A graphics card that supported CGA graphics or better

Apparently Qantas and Virgin Atlantic are powering their in-flight entertainment systems using Windows 3.11. I really wonder if they are powering more of their onboard embedded systems using Windows 3.11, and if this would cause people to be more cautious about flying with them!

I have not seen Windows 3.11 in use in a long time, but I do remember it fondly…

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2 Responses to “Goodbye Windows 3.11!”

  1. Eimhin says:

    Some commentators are saying that this may be an opening for embedded Linux, seeing as it is already doing very well in the embedded spaceā€¦

  2. Teknovis says:

    Interesting… have you any examples of common embedded systems currently using Linux that have a frontend?

    I think that the Bank of Ireland automatic teller machines were based on Windows 3.11 with Visual basic at one time.