Nov 13 2008

Irish Web 2.0 Companies

Category: EntrepreneurshipTeknovis @ 9:32 am

Enterprise Ireland have listed some of the Irish Web 2.0 companies that are currently making headlines in Web 2.0 in Ireland. It is good to see this support!

I think that there are some very innovative Web 2.0 companies. However, I often feel that their innovation is based on an easily replicable novelty rather than on a solid technological differentiator which is difficult to replicate.

I think that one of the amazing things about Web 2.0 is that it can be used to describe any technology,  depending on the mood of the person using the phrase. I really love the way Web 2.0 is often used as a synonym for “cash cow” in business models. In fact, I see this happening a lot!

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2 Responses to “Irish Web 2.0 Companies”

  1. tibo says:

    I think this list is a bit of a joke to be honest. I mean if you write s/w that either use a ‘web2.0 tool’ (like twitter) or that ‘share’ information (like … oh hang on the web1.0) then you qualify to enter the list. If you’re a hosting provider (aka cloud computing provider, it sounds cooler) you also qualify !!

    Web2.0 == cash cow ? I’m still wondering how these companies are making money …

  2. Teknovis says:

    I do not think that Web 2.0 is a “cash cow”, and I also am very sceptical about the ability of these companies to make a sustainable profit. However, they certainly are very popular at the moment.

    However, I regularly see Web 2.0 being used to mean “cash cow” in two different circumstances.

    Firstly, many of the telcos feel that the Web 2.0 companies are making enormous profits, and these profits are being made at the expense of the telcos. Therefore, the telcos are under the impression that they need to find new ways to extract revenues from the Web 2.0 companies.

    Secondly, I have seen the business plans of several start-ups, and these business plans seem to indicate that if the start-ups are producing something that the Web 2.0 companies can use, then the start-ups will have no problem achieving their sales targets! I do not blame the start-ups for this, because potential investors really like to see Web 2.0 appearing in the business plans!